Friday, November 2, 2007


Divcibare, a well-known mountain resort is situated on Mt.Maljen, south-east of Valjevo, at the altitude of 980 metres a.s.l.

The local climate is temperate and the locality abounds in flora and fauns, springs and streams, not to mention a fine landscape and its favourable geographical position. The surrounding mountain peaks and saddles are coverd with snow for three to four months each year. All this makes Divcibare attractive in summer and winter alike and one of the most favourate resorts in Serbia. If you are interested in skiing, you should visit

EXCURSION: Excursion to Valjevo and attractions in its vicinity, including: Petnica Sports and Recreational Centre with four swimming pools with thermal mineral water, Petnica Cave, Church of the Holy Mother's Assumption, village of Brankovina, Pustinja Monastery, etc.